False “Healthy” Foods

4 Foods that are misleading in benefits, and can end up being more harmful than healthy

Know what you are putting in your body, what effects it will have, and how you will feel after. I don’t want you to struggle with all of the foods you can’t ever ever have because they are bad and blah blah. No. I know there is bomb food, we have one life, so why not try it. But, overall, our health is important, so we should try to eat healthy, nourishing food most of the time. Just be aware, and your body will thank you.


I know, I know… everybody loves eggs, I used to! And a lot of people like to push them on me for their “benefits” but in the end the negatives outweigh the positives.

  • can’t be coined “healthy” or “nutritious” due to their high cholesterol and high saturated fat contents
  • high calorie
  • not a rich source of protein
  • increases plasma choline, which is associated with increased risk of prostate cancer
  • even 1 egg every three days is associated with increased risk of lethal prostate cancer
  •  increased risk of heart disease

I used to love eggs in the morning, but if they aren’t even allowed to be labeled as “healthy” by the USDA, I’d say that’s a clear sign to steer clear of those little bad boys. I know some people love eggs, probably can’t ever see themselves not eating them, then just eat them less. Moderation is better than blind consumption. Be mindful of what’s entering your body.

Alternative: Scrambled tofu

  • higher protein content
  • zero cholestorol
  • lower in fat content

Fish & Omega 3 Capsules

  • Fails to lower risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Increases risk of prostate cancer
    -from pollutants
    -highest in freshwater fish
  • doesn’t improve sudden cardiac death
  • consumption of oily fish/fish oil capsules increase risk of cardiac death
    -from contaminants such as mercury
  • contain PCB which are toxins from the food chain and this offsets positive health effects

The fish/omega 3 capsules are a brilliant marketing ploy that has gotten a lot of “recognition” for their omega boosting powers and health benefits. Listen, our bodies don’t take in man-made vitamins, capsules, etc. like we do natural, real food, firstly. Second, there are plenty of foods that you can incorporate in your diet that have fewer (if any) negative effects and cost less that will provide you with plenty of omega 3.

Alternative: Omega 3 foods

  • spinach
  • walnuts
  • tofu
  • many more!!

Coconut Oil

  • increases cholesterol
  • boasts for medium chain triglyicerides when that only pertains to 10% of the oil, 90% are long-chain triglyicerides which raises LDL (bad cholesterol)
  • contains saturated fat, just like animal sources of saturated fat
  • should be avoided
  • doesn’t cure Alzheimer’s
  • high in saturated fat

This is another food item that has been manipulated to be seen as having health pros and very few cons, again due to marketing genius and the average person believing and not asking questions. Oil in general is extremely fatty, high in calories and should be used sparingly, coconut oil though is also extremely high in saturated fat and low in the monounsaturated fat which is typically better for people’s heart health. Pay attention to what is going into your body and question what is being advertised.

Alternative: Best oils to use for cooking

  • avocado oil
  • olive oil
  • canola oil


  • high cholesterol (same as red meat)
  • salmonella
    -food poisoning
  • weight gain — more apparent with poultry than other meats
  • contains toxins from the food fed at chicken farms

Chicken has this view of being a great source of protein, low in fat, and delicious. Okay, yes, but at what cost? There are other foods that are high in protein, low in fat, and have zero negative effects, AND you can have multiple servings of them. Of course, it’s hard to hear that chicken actually isn’t a great food to consume especially if it’s your favorite. But, it can still be your favorite, just eat less of it, a lot less. Don’t fall prey to the geniuses that make billions off of people who “love chicken too much” and continue to consume it 5 days a week, until they are at risk of heart disease and their whole life has been flipped. Again, pay attention, it could end up giving you an extra 5-10 GOOD years of life. Don’t forget the power of beans and lentils either. These bad boys are full of fiber, protein, and low in fat, eat them up!

Alternative: Meat Replacements

  • jackfruit
  • eggplant
  • tofu
  • tempeh
  • seitan


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