Pesto & Garlic Breakfast Bagel

I was starving and threw this together real quick… seemed like a good one to share for all my Trader Joe’s b*tches (hollaaaa). Only 5 minutes to prepare, topped with some colorful tomatoes, I hope you enjoy.


  • Everything bagel
  • 2 tbsp Trader Joe’s Vegan Kale, Cashew & Basil Pesto
  • 2 tbsp TJ’s Garlic Spread-Dip
  • 2 tbsp TJ’s Mediterranean Style hummus
  • 4 heirloom tomatoes
    Optional Toppings:
  • red pepper flakes
  • sesame seeds


  1. Toast your bagel, add all spreads, slice tomatoes in half, and sprinkle with optional toppings. Quick and easy, enjoy that sh*t.

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